Non Access Storage

Non access storage is designed with the customers who do not have a regular need of their stored goods and want to store for a longer period in mind. Unlike self storage, there is no visitation and you have no access to your belongings. You can always have an item delivered to you for a fee, but you can not physically visit your NO VISIT storage. That’s how we can offer cheap storage prices in London UK.

cheap storage in London UK


We are the only company who offers a non access storage facility to our customers, in return for a very low rate and excellent service.

Only our personnel are insured & allowed in to our storage facilities. Our purposely built modernised storage facilities are dry, bright, safe and secure and are protected by monitored security system which are directly connected to the emergency services through BT Red Care, including 24 hours CCTV, fire and smoke alarms.


Non-access storage vs self storage

  • Non access storage is up to 50% cheaper than self-storage.
  • Unlike self storage, you do not have 24/7 access to your belongings


How it works

The way it is works is simple:

  1. You call us. (book a day & time that is convenient to you)
  2. We collect your goods. (we will list your storage goods at the collection point)
  3. We store them as long as required.
  4. We return your goods with a 2 week notice.



How much does it cost?

We offer attractive rates for long term prepay plan customers.

  • You can store in our No-VISIT storage for as little as £5.00 per week!
  • You can store as little as 7 days.
  • Charged by calendar month not 4 weekly, a saving of 7% per year.
  • Welcome gift: We would like to offer 1 month free storage to our customers as a welcome gift.
    (applies to 25sqft and larger sizes)


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